Sunday, July 7, 2013

Pizza's Not for Breakfast!

It's Sunday Funday! That means sleeping in, cartoons, and big brunches, right?
Well, something like that. I did do the sleep in part but when I woke up I hadn't forgotten about the main task for today: buy a scale and get some measurements. First I needed fuel so it was off to the grocery store to figure out what delectable brunch I could make for myself.
 My boyfriend is working early and my roommate is out of town so it is just me to cook for. Now I know there is countless diets out there that claim to be fastest, healthiest, easiest, better, best, and so on... I can't say for certainty any of them are better than the other. My theory is this: We are all unique snowflakes. What works for one person may not work for another. What worked when you were 18 may not work when you are 28. I think the best thing is to be open mind and try to stay educated. Part if this blog will be an educational journey. Some of my ideas about food will surely change as I learn more. Right now I think I am going to try and stick with a low carb, high protein diet. I am choosing a low carb high protein diet because 1. I have seen it work for people. 2. I have had it work for me in the past and 3. there is a plethora of studies that show that low carb dieters tend to lose weight faster than people on a low fat diet. There are so many articles out there and some with conflicting information so it's hard to pin down the truth but one source I have found that I trust is NPR's Low-Carb vs. Low-Fat. I will do a blog another day expanding on my ideas behind choosing this path but for now what is important is having a game plan prior to going to the grocery store. Here is what my bounty looked like
 A bag of boneless skinless chicken breasts
 A carton of eggs
Some cooked ham slices
BabyBel cheese snacks
 Canned Tuna
 Canned vegetables
Mozzarella slices
 Smoked Salmon
 One Beautiful Tomato.
 Obviously this isn't a structured weeks of groceries by any means. My lifestyle is busy and not very structured so I know I won't commit to a weekly menu. It is great if you can, I envy you, but I'm going to be realistic here. I don't always cook and when I cook it isn't always at my own house. The idea behind this shopping trip is to get things that are very easy to grab and go. If I am in a hurry and there is nothing quick in the house I am more likely to make a trip through the drive-thru of Grease-R-Us. Chicken breasts are easy to grill up on the George Forman's Grill in no time. The majority of the eggs I will hard boil so they are an easy grab in the morning for breakfast along with some snack cheese and almonds (yay for protein). I love pickles and they are very low carb. Celery is one of the healthiest foods according to this article on Celery . I have heard celery described as an anti-food because you burn more calories digesting it than you get from consuming it. I prefer to by my meats and vegetables the day I am going to cook them for freshness but for the sake of having low carb options on hand I bought the celery. The tomato I used for breakfast this morning..
 A slice of tomato, a few of the ham slices, an over medium egg with melted mozzarella on top with a dash of Italian seasoning. It was delicious. So all fueled up it was time to go get supplies.

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