Sunday, September 8, 2013

Dear Gym...

I am sure I am not the first person to discover this but I found the best time to go to the gym is during a show I really like.
My gym has a field of elliptical and tread mills that face a series of TV's you can only hear the audio on the TV if you plug your headphones into a machine and keep moving. If you stop moving- the sound stops.
I am addicted to this show Master Chef. Hey, I'm a fat girl inside and out.  If I can't eat all the foods I want I can at least watch someone else make delicious food I would want to eat. Doesn't hurt that Gordon Ramsey is the best soccer player turned chef ever and he is one of the hosts.
The show is an hour along so even though I usually only do 30 minutes of cardio and then weights I stayed on the machine for over an hour because I wanted to see who would get eliminated from the competition. Not only did I double my time it felt like less work because I was distracted watching something I enjoyed. On top of that whenever it went to commercial I would go as hard and fast as I could for that three to four minute break so it was a pretty good work out and then I still did the weights.

I like to mix it up. I have a cheap gym I go to for just machines and then another one I take classes at. I think it is important to keep it interesting and not let it get stale because when it gets boring is when it becomes hard to do. Of course the hardest part for me has always been getting the motivation to go I just have to keep reminding myself I know I will feel good once I'm there and feel even better when I'm done.

So lets hope soon there will be less of this...

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